Non-food baskets project

Project code: NFI-015

Non-food baskets project

Distribution of non-food baskets in the camps located in Ma'arat Misr - Harbnoush - Kfarihmoul - Hazano - Kafr Aruq - Zardana and Ram Hamdan (north of Idlib).

Families who fled the war zones in southern Idlib, who were spread among trees in the agricultural lands, were targeted because the camps were unable to accommodate the large numbers of displaced people, as they established random camps with little means. Therefore, we had to present what we could, where we distributed 1750 non-food baskets including / tents - sponges - blankets - pillows - hygiene baskets - diapers and insulators in February 2020.

Where 11,253 people were reached in cooperation with the Turkish Diyanet foundation and the İHH Organization.

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